Tell the EIA: Address Climate Change in Energy Forecasts


People often wonder why our government doesn’t do more about climate change. One big reason is that it’s not planning for success. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is an agency tasked with projecting our energy use over the coming decades and currently, they completely ignore climate change as a factor.

Ignoring our climate commitments in energy projections is madness. If a doctor intentionally ignored a patient’s worsening illness visit after visit, they would lose their license. That’s exactly what the EIA is doing – they’re failing to take into account the growing climate crisis when projecting our country’s future energy use.

The Obama Administration needs to hear that its “Reference Scenario” – the EIA analysis that helps shape national energy policy – is currently on track for climate disaster and on a path to 4 degrees of warming. It’s time for an energy analysis that takes climate commitments into account and assumes we will transition away from fossil fuels, not keep using them.

Send a message to President Obama’s top advisors demanding that they plan for climate success, not climate failure.