Keep Shell Out of the Arctic!


The Arctic Ocean is one of the final frontiers for Shell, which continues to spend billions of dollars each year in a race to dig up more fossil fuels, proving they couldn’t care less about the future of the climate.

Here are our top three reasons President Obama must put an end to Shell’s reckless pursuit of Arctic oil:

  1. Unburnable carbon. Arctic oil is the ultimate in unburnable carbon. A recent study in the Journal Nature confirmed that there is no space for arctic oil in the world’s remaining carbon budget. Zero. Not only is arctic drilling a bad deal for the planet, but shareholders and investors are getting increasingly worried about ‘stranded assets’ — money spent on oil that can never be burned.
  2. A shameful record. Shell has tried its hand at Arctic exploration, and their safety record reads like a bad joke. Safety equipment has been, “crushed like a beer can” in tests, and their drilling fleet has run aground, caught fire, failed to report multiple engine failures, and prompted dramatic coast guard rescue efforts funded by taxpayers.
  3. Mission impossible. Government reports have concluded that if Arctic drilling were successful, the chances of a spill would be 75%. With waves as high as 40 feet, oil spills are nearly impossible to clean up. The region is still dealing with the remnants of the Exxon Valdez spill over two decades later. The sensitive Arctic is already bearing the brunt of a warming climate – subjecting it to giant oil spills would be irony at its best.

Arctic oil is high risk, high cost, and high carbon. In fact, it is downright crazy. It is truly the final frontier of how far Big Oil is willing to go for climate-destroying fossil fuels.